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Life Enrichment Activities on Our Campus for Senior Housing in Denver

Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus provides numerous activities and events for residents in every level of our senior housing in Denver. We believe in programs that involve all of our communities and families. Life-enhancing activities for our residents in every aspect of our senior living in Colorado are designed for groups in order to bring everyone together to share their lives in an active way.

We welcome suggestions as we love to incorporate everyone's interests and abilities as best we can. Living in a senior living community filled with people from all walks of life, we know that not everyone is going to want to participate in the same activities. Our Life Enrichment Director works hard to ensure we provide a variety of activities and events to please as many residents as we can.

Contact us to find out more about our professional and caring options, including compassionate help for those that need memory care in Denver.

Our Events Include:

Please check back for events at Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus

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